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Medal design for IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 publicized

By 최현주

Published : May 27, 2011 - 16:31

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Medals symbolize unity and prosperity for the world, passion and challenge for athletes

The Organizing Committee for the IAAF World Championships Daegu unveiled medal designs for the upcoming event after winning approval from the IAAF Council. 

Developers sought to design the medals through a new concept and materials, including metals, lacquer, brassware and new substances, gathered opinions from design experts and the IAAF, held seven advisory committee meetings, and received approval from the IFFA Council before finalizing the design. 

The medals symbolize the dynamism of athletic competition, the Taegeuk (yin and yang) and the four elements of heaven, earth, water and fire, which is a representative symbol of Korea, as well as the emblem and slogan of the Daegu event, and Daegu’s geographical characteristics. 

The face of the medals embodies the festivity of the Global Village, which people from around the world flock to Daegu to visit, and synergy through East-West harmony by using as motifs the Taegeuk, which symbolizes the harmony between yin and yang contained in the Taegeuk flag of Korea; the four elements of heaven, earth, water and fire, which fundamentally imply oneness; the Daegu event’s emblem and the city’s basin–type topography. 

The back of the medals embodies the will of people from around the world who become one and seek to pursue the unlimited passion and spirit of challenge for their dreams at Daegu Stadium, using the event’s slogan and Daegu Stadium as motifs. 

Also, the face of the medal has an inscription of the event’s title, while the back contains the dates of competitions for individual sports, type of sports, records, and the names and nationalities of athletes. 

Moon Dong-hoo, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee, said, “Athletes of the 212 member associations will create a venue of energetic challenge by banking on a strong passion for the harmony and prosperity of humanity while overcoming barriers and differences in their bid next August to win these medals publicized today.

” Moon added, “I anticipate that the Championships will help us establish an image of a beautiful Daegu, a city that stands tall in the world, and I would like to call for the unwavering cooperation of the 6 million citizens of the metropolitan city and North Gyeongsang Province to ensure the success of this event.”