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Safdie bids for Incheon Airport terminal No. 2

By 김주연

Published : May 12, 2011 - 19:06

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Famed architect Moshe Safdie on Thursday said his team aimed to incorporate elements unique to Korean culture in his design bid for a second terminal at Incheon International Airport.

Addressing reporters in Seoul, the star designer of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Resort detailed his ambitions to take on what would be his third airport project.

“In the old days, people coming to Seoul felt their first impression about the city through Dongdaemun and Namdaemun and I’m hoping to make the Incheon gate be such a thing when people arrive into the city,” Safdie told reporters at his first news conference here. 
Moshe Safdie Moshe Safdie

The 73-year-old Israeli architect is one of the bidders to design the second terminal at the airport. The winning bidder will be announced in June.

Safdie, best known for his first project, Habitat 67 in Montreal, said he would prioritized on creating a Korean vibe as well as a user-friendly atmosphere.

“The airport has to be efficient, comfortable, at ease of providing short distances of walking.

“Also, lifting up the space, full of daylight is important to make them feel welcomed instead of making them feel they are some kind of mechanic processors,” Safdie said.

He emphasized the importance of communication between architect and designer, something he experienced through the Marina Bay Sands Resort work he carried out with Ssangyong Engineering and Construction.

Safdie said his 27 months of work on the hotel, considered a fresh landmark of Singapore, wouldn’t have been possible without exchanging ideas with Ssangyong and on-site field workers.

“I want to encourage Korea to give stronger voice to construction companies. Ssangyong E&C came up to tell us of construction sequences for my designs and had proposed very innovative ways for the sky park,” Safdie said.

The hotel made its grand opening last June with a sky park on top of the 57-story-tall three tapering hotel towers. It houses 2,561 rooms across an area of 302,171 square meters, which is roughly twice the area of the 63 building in Yeuido, Seoul.

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