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Pizzerias to cooperate on safe delivery

By 이종민

Published : March 15, 2011 - 11:02

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The government and pizza delivery franchises Monday agreed rules to protect delivery staff who often drive dangerously due to fierce competition within the industry.

Triggered by the deaths of delivery drivers and protests by their colleagues, they also decided to hold safety campaigns.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor signed with Pizza Hut, Mr. Pizza and Domino’s Pizza as well as the Korean Franchise Association a memorandum of understanding on safe delivery. The industry has been dominated by competition on swift delivery guaranteeing pizza within 30 minutes.

The three companies decided to increase safety awareness by attaching safety badges, stickers and flags to delivery motorbikes. The state and the association will support the companies by providing related information and guidelines.

The launch of the campaign came as public denouncement of the pizza industry’s “delivery in 30 minutes, or it’s free,” policy grew when a 24-year-old college student died while making a delivery last December.

According to the ministry, a total of 4,962 people in the restaurant and lodging industry have been injured or killed in motorcycle accidents in the past six years.

Of them, pizzerias accounted for the greatest number ― 26.7 percent ― followed by Chinese restaurants and chicken franchises.

The study suggested that while it may be important to deliver pizza in a short time, the part timers, mostly college students, have to take serious risks to meet the 30-minute time limit.

At the end of the year, Domino’s and several other franchises scrapped the 30-minute delivery system.

“We hope the campaigns will convince customers that safe delivery is the best delivery,” said Lee Sung-ki, head of the Seoul Employment and Labor Center, an affiliate of the ministry.

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<관련 기사>

피자업계 `안전배달' 협약

서울지방고용노동청과 한국산업안전보건공단은 14일 중구 장교동 서울고용청에서 3개 피자 업체 및 한국프랜차이즈협회와 안전한 배달문화 확산을 위한 협약(MOU)을 체결했다.

협약에 참여한 업체는 미스터 피자, 한국도미노 피자, 한국 피자헛이다.

피자업계 3사는 이륜차 교통사고 등 재해 예방을 위한 캠페인을 전사적으로  펼치고 안전보건경영 체계 구축, 배달원 안전보건 교육 강화 및 안전의식 확산 등을 다짐했다.

프랜차이즈협회도 회원사들을 상대로 안전배달 경영 방침이 정착될 수 있도록 독려하기로 했다.