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Actor Jeoung Jun-ho in relationship with MBC anchorwoman


Published : Jan. 3, 2011 - 17:45

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Korean actor Jeoung Jun-ho was reported to be in a relationship with MBC anchorwoman Lee Ha-jung, MBC entertainment news program “Section TV Entertainment News” reported Sunday.

The focus was whether the 42-year-old actor would tie the knot this year.

MBC anchorwoman Lee, 33, said in the interview that she and Jung get along well but at the moment there is nothing to say about the relationship. She added, “If something happens I will announce the news first.”

Meanwhile, Jung said in his thank you speech after winning the Top Excellence Award for his role as a husband in “Queen of Reversals” at the MBC Drama Awards on Dec. 30 that he hopes to have news of marriage this year.

Jeoung Jun-ho (left) and Lee Ha-jung (right) Jeoung Jun-ho (left) and Lee Ha-jung (right)

Lee interviewed Jung in a segment of her 6 p.m. news show a month ago about marriage and his ideal partner.

When asked what he thought of as the ideal wife, Jung answered indirectly, saying that he had been told beauty “only lasts six months” but a good personality lasts much longer. However, he added, those same people also ended up with beautiful wives.

He added that marriage is about being able to compensate for each other’s downfalls and “being able to count on a partner through life.”

At the time, the interview was nothing more than a standard interview with an anchor and an actor. But as the two seem now to have been in a relationship for about six months, it has resurfaced.

“Lee’s acting was as good as Jung’s when she interviewed him,” a netizen commented. “It was heartwarming to see them both together.”

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정준호의 ‘그녀’는 이하정 아나운서

“6개월째 열애중” 밝혀

‘연예계의 골드 미스터’ 정준호(42)가 이하정(33) MBC 아나운서와 6개월째 열애 중이라고 지난 2일 MBC 섹션연예통신이 전했다.

이 아나운서는 방송에서 “친하게 지내는 것은 맞는데 뭔가 드릴 말씀이 없다. 만약 무언가가 있다면 먼저 밝히겠다”고 열애를 간접적으로 인정했다.

2005년 MBC에 입사한 이 아나운서는 현재 ‘6시 뉴스매거진’을 진행하고 있으며 입사 당시에는 백지연 전 아나운서의 연세대 후배이자 수제자로 주목받은 바 있다.

정준호는 지난달 30일 열린 MBC 연기대상에서 ‘역전의 여왕’으로 최우수상을 받고 난 뒤 “내년엔 좋은 소식을 전해드릴 수 있을 것 같다”는 수상소감을 전한 데 이어, 자신의 열애 상대에 대해 ‘같은 업계 종사자’라고 밝혀 관심을 모아왔다.

두 사람의 열애 소식이 전해지자 지난해 11월 이 아나운서가 ‘6시 뉴스매거진’에서 정준호를 인터뷰한 내용까지 화제에 오르고 있다.

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