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Kampot white peppercorns cost $28 per kilogram wholesale. Online, they can cost over $100 per kilogram.

By Business Insider

Published : May 27, 2023 - 10:19

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Kampot pepper, grown in Cambodia, is so expensive because it's considered the Champagne of pepper. In 2016, the European Union awarded pepper grown in this region a protected geographical indication. The taste of Kampot peppercorns is described as fresh, citrusy, fruity, and pungent. But these peppercorns don't come cheap. Wholesale Kampot black pepper costs $15 per kilogram, and white pepper costs $28 per kilogram. Online, it can cost over $100 per kilogram. Over 400 farmers grow this pepper, but climate change and competition from large farms could make it harder to earn a profit.