Anti-pollution cosmetics emerge as rising trend

By Kim Da-sol
  • Published : Mar 11, 2018 - 15:25
  • Updated : Mar 11, 2018 - 15:25
Amid deteriorating air quality caused by fine dust, beauty industry retailers are releasing anti-pollution cosmetics designed to prevent or filter out fine dust particles from one’s skin. 

(From left) Issilin Finish Cover Pact from Pulmuone Lohas, Lavida Sun Solution Daily Moist Protection IRF20 SPF36 PA+++ from Koreana and PM2.5 Block Cleanser from Celltrion Skincare

According to cosmetics manufacturers, the consumer need for functional skin care products is growing beyond the traditional sunscreens, with increased public interest in cosmetics designed to remove fine dust particles from skin or prevent absorption of such particles. 

According to Pulmuone, its cosmetics manufacturing arm Pulmuone Lohas recently launched Issilin Finish Cover Pact, a cover BB pact which was proved to prevent 97.1 percent of fine dust absorption via its clinical experiments. The company said their product includes probiotic ingredients such as isoflavone compounds, marine algae and lotus compounds to help maintain healthy skin. 

Another local cosmetics maker Koreana also launched Lavida Sun Solution Daily Moist Protection IRF20 SPF36 PA+++, a daily sunscreen product which uses fermented Alteromonas extract to filter out and remove airborne dust particles from skin. 

Celltrion Skincure’s PM2.5 Block Cleanser contains natural extracts such as Sunki Mandarin peel extract, moonwort extract and Camellia mistletoe extract which soothes one’s skin and washes off the remaining fine dust particles from the face. 

“Fine dust particles can penetrate deep into the inner layer of the skin and this can speed up the skin problems such as skin aging. That’s why using verified anti-pollution cosmetics products can help keep away skin problems caused by fine dust,” said Yoon Lucia, product manager from Pulmuone Lohas.

By Kim Da-sol (