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NK nuclear solution more likely than ever with Trump: Moon

WASHINGTON -- Resolving the issues surrounding North Korea’s nuclear program is more likely than ever before under a Donald Trump presidency, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday.

“The ultimate goal of South Korea and the US is to end North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs. This is only possible through a strong Korea-US alliance,” Moon said in his meeting with House of Representatives’ leaders including Speaker Paul Ryan.


“As it is a matter of top priority for President Trump, the possibility of resolving the issue is higher than ever. In the past, South Korea and the US placed importance in the matter but did not take concrete action. (I) plan to seek fundamental solutions with President Trump.”

Responding to Ryan’s question regarding China’s role in denuclearizing North Korea, Moon said that Beijing is playing a part but that there is room for a bigger role.

“I think that China has made an effort after the US-China summit. I think that the fact that North Korea has not conducted a sixth nuclear test nor launched an ICBM is the result of President Trump’s efforts, and the part Beijing is playing,” Moon said.

“However, the problem has not been completely solved. North Korea appears to be making preparations, and appears ready (to conduct tests) at any time. So, there is still room for a bigger role from China, and (I) will discuss the matter when I meet President Xi Jinping.”

By Choi He-suk (
Korea Herald correspondent