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Unis, filled with self-esteem and confidence, debuts as ‘Superwoman’

By Hong Yoo

Published : March 27, 2024 - 18:07

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Unis (F&F Entertainment) Unis (F&F Entertainment)

Unis, a K-pop girl group consisting of eight finalists from the SBS audition program “Universe Ticket,” made its debut Wednesday with its first mini album, “We Unis.”

The group is made up of four Korean members, Hyeonju, Yunha, Yoona and Seowon; two members from the Philippines, Elisia and Gehlee Dangka; and two Japanese members, Nana and Kotoko.

“We finally get to debut as Unis. My life from the day I began dreaming about becoming a K-pop artist to the day that I was chosen as the finalist of the audition program is flashing before my eyes. We will do our best to present an outstanding performance,” said Hyeonju, the leader of the group, during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday.

Unis already enjoys a large global fandom from their time on the audition program “Universe Ticket,” through which the members were chosen by the votes of 14 million viewers from around the world.

“We worked hard on this debut album to pay back all the love we’ve received before our debut. We felt loved and supported by so many people that we hope to show a good performance,” added Hyeonju.

Together, the eight members will share stories about their fans and themselves through music.

“The name of our group is an abbreviation for ‘You and I Story.’ We will present music with our own story in it, so please look forward to it,” said Yunha.

Unis’ first EP is led by the title track “Superwoman,” an Afrobeat dance number.

“The title track is about how anyone with self-confidence, just like Unis, can become superwoman anytime she wants,” introduced Kotoko.

Unis (F&F Entertainment) Unis (F&F Entertainment)

The group performed the lead track during the press conference, showing off their remarkable performance skills.

The album also carries four B-side tracks -- “Butterfly’s Dream,” the English language song “Whatchu Need,” “Dopamine” and "Dream of Girls.”

The tracks “Dopamine” and “Dream of Girls” are the tracks the members had previously performed on the audition program.

The rookies say taking part in the audition program helped them improve their musical talents.

“We were able to experience performing in front of a lot of people, which helped us a lot in preparing for this debut stage. I think our strength is that we do not get nervous on stage but instead perform as professionals because of our previous stage experience,” said Yunha.

For Hyeonju and Nana, this is not their first time debuting.

Hyeonju debuted as a member of the now-defunct girl group Good Day in 2017 and as a member of the disbanded girl group Cignature in 2020.

Nana debuted as a member of the Japanese girl group Prikil in 2022.

The group also includes Seowon, who made a name for herself in TV Chosun’s trot audition program “Miss Trot 2.”

“I started singing and busking at a very young age. I began with trot music but being surrounded by so many friends who like K-pop, I started to dream of becoming a K-pop idol. My time performing on stage for ‘Miss Trot 2’ allowed me to experience big stages. I am thankful for all these past opportunities that led me to this debut,” said Seowon, the youngest in the group who graduated from elementary school this year.

Unis hopes to represent K-pop girl groups in the global music market.

“Our role model is Twice. They debuted through an audition program and have since been popular worldwide. We also hope to receive love from people all around the world,” said Elisia.