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Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra meets electronic beats

By Hwang Dong-hee

Published : Nov. 14, 2023 - 09:01

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Modular Seoul (Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra) Modular Seoul (Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra)

When traditional Korean instruments such as gayageum, haegeum and daegeum meet electronic music, what kind of harmony will emerge?

The Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra is set to perform the second stage of its 2023 Mixed Orchestra series on Dec. 7 at the Sejong Grand Theater.

Breaking free from convention, the Mixed Orchestra series seeks to push the boundaries of Korean traditional music by intertwining it with various genres, this time turning its attention to electronic music.

The trio band, Modular Seoul, will lead the concert with the modular synth, an electronic musical instrument that synthesizes sounds.

Poster for Poster for "The 2023 Mixed Orchestra II -- Sound Colors" (Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra)

The concert will have four premieres.

Drummer and percussionist Han Woong-won will perform "Wind of Sound," a composition he wrote for drums and a Korean traditional orchestra. "Loom-ga" for voice and orchestra will be performed by singer Sunwoo Jeong-a who will incorporate “scat,” or jazz vocal improvisation.

Hwang Ho-jun's composition "Dystopia" delves into dissonant sound effects, prompting reflection on the sustainability of civilization.

"Four Fields" by Park Seung-won encapsulates the ebb and flow of the four seasons seeking a harmonious balance between traditional and electronic music of repetitive melody and rhythm.

The program also includes two compositions premiered last year -- “Sujecheon Recompose,” which is a blend of Korean court music with Western instruments and electronic music, and the electric guitar concerto “Neungge.”