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Govt. denies sex crime suspect's request to serve alternative military duty

Ministry of National Defense (Yonhap)
Ministry of National Defense (Yonhap)
The government has turned down a conscientious objector's request to perform other public services instead of his mandatory military service following revelations that he has been on trial on charges of digital sex crimes.

The decision marked the first rejection of a conscientious objector's request for alternative services since the country allowed conscientious objectors last year to do 36 months of alternative service instead of serving in the military for about two years.

According to the military manpower agency, a committee reviewing the applications rejected the request in March saying the violence he has been accused of contradicts the religious belief he has cited for objecting to military service.

Since the launch of the alternative service program, South Korea has allowed 1,208 people to substitute their mandatory military service as of April, including an animal rights activist who had a record of conducting peace movements and other activities to promote animal rights and human rights, the agency said. (Yonhap)