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S. Korea allowed to catch over 41,000 tons of fish in Russian EEZ this year

South Korea's oceans ministry said Friday it has secured the right to catch 41,260 tons of fish in Russian waters this year, while fixing the fish fee unchanged for the third consecutive year.

Under the agreement, South Korea can catch 28,400 tons of pollack and 5,050 tons of cod in the Russian exclusive economic zone (EEZ) this year, according to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

The volume also includes 3,000 tons of Pacific saury and 4,000 tons of squid, the ministry said.

The combined amount marks a 11.6 percent decrease from 46,700 tons allocated in 2020. South Korea said it has reduced the volume amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fishing fee remained unchanged from the previous year, with that of pollack standing at $375 per ton.

The two countries also agreed to delay the implementation of new regulations on South Korean fishing boats entering the Russian waters, considering the industrywide challenges sparked by the virus pandemic.

A total of 75 fishing boats are expected to operate in the Russian waters this year. The fishing season for pollack and cod starts in May, while that of squid is set to begin in June. (Yonhap)