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New comic thriller 'Glitch' another Korean presence on Netflix

Screenwriter Jin Han-sae (Yonhap)
Screenwriter Jin Han-sae (Yonhap)
What would happen if you saw your significant other disappear into an unidentified beam of light?

Once again screenwriter Jin Han-sae, best known for the Netflix original series “Extracurricular,” has paired up with Yoon Shin-ae, CEO of the film production company Studio 329, to produce a new Netflix series titled “Glitch.”

Studio 329 captivated the public and critics with “Extracurricular,” a 10-episode thriller drama that aired in April, when Jin was still a rookie writer.

“Glitch” is a comic suspense thriller about a girl named Hong Ji-hyo who boldly attempts to find her missing boyfriend and ends up discovering mysterious secrets with the help of UFO club members.

Jin’s keen writing talent and sharp insights into social problems delivered a shock to many viewers in 2020, earning him a tight fan base. His fans started generating excitement within the K-drama market as soon as the announcement was released Wednesday.

As the son of television screenwriter Song Ji-na, Jin may have inherited his knack for storytelling from his mother. But it was CEO Yoon who discovered him and gave him a chance to share his first feature-length story with the world.

Yoon has created numerous popular works, such as “Six Flying Dragons,” “Time Between Dog and Wolf” and “Emperor of the Sea.”

The new series will be available only on Netflix, but details of its release have yet to be revealed.

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