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[팟캐스트] (377) 코로나 시대 떠오른 술, 와인 / 난민 신청자 7만명 첫 돌파


진행자: 조혜림, Brolley Genster

1. [Weekender] Red, white and rose chase coronavirus blues away
요약: 코로나 시대에 홈술 인기, 와인 대중화 가속화

[1] With the growing popularity of imported wine -- mostly affordable wines from ever-diversifying regions, including Eastern Europe -- a major shift in Koreans’ wine consumption pattern is underway. And the coronavirus-triggered stay-at-home culture is accelerating its arrival.

*ever-diversifying 어느 때보다 다양해진
*underway 진행중인
*triggered 촉발된


[2] A myriad of choices -- in terms of the grape and soil differences as well as the regional and climatic varieties -- have often left aspiring wine buyers and learners frustrated. As each choice carried a hefty price tag, Korean consumers were inhibited from taking the first step.

*myriad 무수히 많은
*aspiring ~가 되려는, 잠재적
*hefty 크고 무거운, 두둑한
*inhibit 억제하다, 제약을 가하다.

[3] But now, wine is at its most accessible since 1987, when the country opened its doors to wine imports. A bottle of wine can even be cheaper than a cup of coffee since new varieties began to hit the shelves of Korea’s supermarkets, warehouse shops and even convenience stores.

*accessible 접근 가능한, 용이한
*hit the shelf 가게 등에 나오다, 출시하다


2. Refugee applications top 70,000 in S. Korea
요약: 우리나라에 난민 신청 건수 1994년 집계 이래 처음으로 7만명 돌파

[1] The cumulative number of asylum applications filed in South Korea topped 70,000, government data showed Monday, amid persistent calls for improvements to the country’s refugee screening system.

*cumulative 누적되는
*asylum 망명
*screening 검정제

[2] While the government remains concerned about the increase in what it sees as “fake refugees” -- those abusing the refugee system to seek economic opportunities -- activists say there is a long road ahead for Korea to guarantee rights and proper protection for asylum-seekers.

*abuse 남용, 오용, 학대
*asylum-seeker 망명신청자

[3] Criticism from activists centers on procedural flaws in the refugee screening process and its protracted time frame, stemming from a shortage of specialized personnel and a prejudice that most of those seeking asylum are economic migrants.

*protracted 오래 끈, 계속된 (prolonged)
*stem from ~에 기인하다, 유래하다


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