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Victorinox offers special gift items for Chuseok

Special gift items for Chuseok by Victorinox (Victorinox)
Special gift items for Chuseok by Victorinox (Victorinox)

For the upcoming Chuseok holidays, Victorinox suggested special gift items that satisfy both in style and quality, including its iconic army knife, swiss-made watch and backpack.

Victorinox said its Altmont Professional Fliptop Laptop Backpack is perfect fit for office workers, with its iconic design appropriate in business settings, and with great storage capacity.

The flagship product Victorinox Swiss Army Knife will make as a special gift, as it come in different sizes and has a wide range of color and patterns to choose from. The army knife is an essential gadget, not only for outdoor activities, but also as daily necessities, the swiss-based company said.

The company said it offers carving service so the purchaser can carve special words or message on the product as a present to their special ones.

Victorinox watches are also recommended for those seek quality and style, the company said. Victorinox offers a 5-year warranty for its watch products.

Victorinox said it is running an event until Oct. 4 to offer special benefits to customers who purchase its products at department stores, shopping malls and its official online mall, including free gift wrapping.

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