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[Video] A frosty summer companion to beat the heat

The classic condensed milk and red beans become transcendent when they meet shaved ice

The summer season often triggers an irresistible whim to hop on a plane. Italy has affogato; the Philippines has halo-halo as its summer staple and Korea has patbingsu.

The dessert is made of shaved ice and condensed milk with red bean paste taking center stage. A big spoon of the smooth ice texture hints that summer is imminent when it glides down your throat.

This is when the scorching heat and bright sunlight have replaced the cherry blossoms of spring. Around this time of the year, Koreans ease their thirst with a bowl of patbingsu inside shaded coffee shops.

The nationwide summer treat, which is loved across all generations, is served in cafes and restaurants. After a meal, Koreans usually dive into a glistening ice mountain to cool-off in the summer breeze.

The mixture and wild texture of the trio flavors entice locals to dig for more patbingsu in the thick of summer. A bowl of shaved ice is enough for Koreans to keep searching for their summer respite.

A pleasant combination of ice and a drop of condensed milk finished with red beans is the key to beating the heat. Please check out the video to knock on your taste buds for the upcoming summer season.

Video script and article by Park Jun-hee (
Video shot and edited by Park Su-bin (