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Dong-A Pharmaceutical promotes acne treatment gel

Dong-A Pharmaceutical said Thursday its pharmaceutical product for acne treatment, Noscarna, leads to a 33.2 percent reduction in scar thickness.

According to the company, Noscarna could reduce scar visibility when applied to skin with acne scarring or keloid scars from surgery. Through clinical trials conducted on animals, the results showed 78 percent skin color recovery on skin with scarring as well as 33.2 percent reduction in scar thickness, compared to before the product was used.

Noscarna gel (Dong-A Pharmaceutical)
Noscarna gel (Dong-A Pharmaceutical)

The product contains ingredients such as heparin sodium, allantoin and dexpanthenol, all of which are effective in scar reduction and wound healing, Dong-A Pharmaceutical explained.

The company also said the product should be applied on completely closed wounds that are not bleeding, and it should be applied several times a day on the scar and surrounding skin.

Officials from the company said they hope the product eases concerns among those suffering from visible acne scarring or other forms of scars.

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