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[K-talk] Taemin of SHINee gears up for new solo EP

Taemin of boy group SHINee heralded a new EP release as a soloist, his first in over a year.

Slated for release Feb. 11, the seven-track EP “Want” marks the SHINee vocalist’s first solo Korean work since the studio album “Move” in October 2017.

Teaser image for Taemin’s upcoming solo EP (S.M. Entertainment)
Teaser image for Taemin’s upcoming solo EP (S.M. Entertainment)

The 25-year-old debuted as a solo artist in August 2014 with the EP “Ace,” six years after his debut with SHINee in 2008. He has since released two full Korean albums and two Japanese EPs.

Taemin recently wrapped up a successful year in Japan, where he staged 32 sold-out shows from September to November. His first full-length Japanese album, eponymously titled “Taemin,” landed atop Oricon’s daily albums chart upon its release Nov. 29.

The solo album comes as the rest of the SHINee bandmates alert fans one by one of their upcoming enlistment in the military, with band leader Onew already having enrolled in December. Representing the group, S.M. Entertainment said Minho and Key would begin their military service during the first half of 2019.

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