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High water temperatures kill fish in Busan

Coastal water temperatures in Gijang, a county in northern Busan, have risen to 27 degrees amid the lingering heat wave and caused damage to local aquaculture businesses.

Since July 31, when the weather agency issued heat advisories for the east coast of the Korean Peninsula, some 108,000 fish reportedly died at seven fish farms in Busan. Fish farmers reported around 128 million won ($113,000) in damages. 


Further damages may be ahead as water temperatures in Gijang are expected to hover around 26.5 to 27.7 C, according to officials.

Busan’s city government formed an emergency task force, composed of aquaculture experts and city officials, to visit Gijang and put preventive measures in place.

The city provided the farms with financial aid and equipment to deal with high water temperatures.

Fish farm operators are also being advised to apply for accident insurance and to limit stocking density.

By Park Jin-won (
Korea Herald daum