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Agency denies snowballing rumors of HyunA dating E’Dawn

Speculation continues unabated, as detailed report outlined the timeline of HyunA's rumored relationship with E'Dawn

HyunA’s agency has denied rumors that the singer is dating E’Dawn, a fellow member of mixed-gender pop trio Triple H.

Dating rumors between the two swirled after a report by Korean online media outlet TV Report claimed they began dating after meeting via Triple H.

A source close to both singers’ agency Cube Entertainment denied the rumors in talks with multiple media outlets.

HyunA (middle) and E'Dawn (right). (Yonhap)
HyunA (middle) and E'Dawn (right). (Yonhap)
But speculation continues unabated, as the detailed report outlined the timeline of their rumored relationship, including HyunA’s birthday party in June where E’Dawn was invited to celebrate alongside the singer’s friends. Their birthdays are separated by mere days.

During a showcase last month, HyunA told the press she worked particularly closely with E’Dawn for Triple H’s new album, while Hui was preoccupied with songwriting.

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