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4 men beat 19-year-old for making ‘rude stare’

Gwangju Dongbu Police Station said Monday that it has requested an arrest warrant for a man surnamed Moon on suspicion of assault and booked three accomplices without detention.

The four suspects are accused of attacking a 19-year-old in Gwangju at 2:20 a.m. on April 15. The victim took two weeks to heal completely from his injuries.

They reportedly beat the victim because he was giving them a glare while they were drinking.

(Uto Image)
(Uto Image)

Police said the suspects showed contradictory behavior after the assault. They claimed not to remember anything but appear to have gone to the victim and pressured him to settle the case.

Police are seeking an arrest warrant only for Moon since he is on a suspended jail term.

The victim is currently under police protection to guard against possible retaliation by the other suspects.

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