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Dollar-won volatility eases in Q2

The volatility in the dollar-won exchange rates slightly eased in the April-June period from a quarter earlier as global financial markets stabilized, the central bank said Wednesday.

The average daily variation, showing the change from the previous session's closing price, came to 4.2 won in the second quarter, down from 5.7 won in the previous quarter, according to data from the Bank of Korea.

Meanwhile, the average gap between the daily high and low of the dollar-won exchange rates came to 5.8 won in the second quarter, down from a 6.9 won fluctuation a quarter earlier, the BOK said.


In the second quarter, the local currency traded at an average of 1,130.1 won against the US dollar, compared with 1,152.6 won in the previous quarter, it said.

Meanwhile, the BOK said the daily foreign exchange turnover by local lenders came to $23.07 billion in the second quarter, up $660 million from the previous quarter. (Yonhap)

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