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Ex-President Park Geun-hye moves to quieter neighborhood

Impeached former President Park Geun-hye had her residence moved to a quiet neighborhood in Seoul with little fanfare on Saturday.

Park, who was ousted from office two months ago, remains in jail while facing bribery and other criminal charges, mostly involving her longtime friend Choi Soon-sil and key former aides.

With Park away, movers arrived at her former home in Samseong-dong in southern Seoul at around 7:30 am. They started loading their trucks some half an hour later.

Naegok-dong (Yonhap)
Naegok-dong (Yonhap)

Park purchased a new place in Naegok-dong, also in the southern part of Seoul, last month. In the aftermath of Park’s impeachment and her subsequent detention, her supporters staged loud rallies in front of her old home, much to the chagrin of residents in the usually tranquil neighborhood.

The move on Saturday was done without Park’s supporters on hand. Only one person, a 62-year-old surnamed Lee, waved both the Korean and the US flags, saying he hoped Park would end up in a better house than her old one.

Others were less sympathetic.

“It was just so noisy around these parts after the impeachment, with the police and Park supporters,” said a 51-year-old named Choi, a 10-year resident of the area. “And because some of the supporters were violent, it was just frightening to walk through the neighborhood. Frankly, I am glad she moved.” (Yonhap)