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SNU student leader to resign over comments on women

The student council leader of Seoul National University will step down due to his inappropriate comments about women, following its student government’s decision Thursday.

The student government had voted on whether Lee Tak-Kyu should resign, amid growing criticism that he insulted female students before being elected as president last year.
Seoul National University (Yonhap)
Seoul National University (Yonhap)

“I sincerely apologize for my comments that made people feel uncomfortable,” said Lee before the vote. “I will abide by the decision of the student government.”

Earlier in 2015, Lee told a female student who narrated a theater performance during an orientation for newcomers that “I can see from your looks why they put you as a narrator (instead of an actress).”

In 2014, he also said “I see no flowers here,” directing the comment at a group of female students attending a campus festival.