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[팟캐스트](62) 홍콩 우산혁명 확산 외 2건

진행자: 윤민식, Julie Jackson

1. 홍콩 행정장관 선거 개편 두고 민주화 시위 확대

기사요약: 최근 중국 당국이 “간선제인 홍콩장관 선거제도를 직선제로 바꾸겠다”고 하며 내놓은 새로운 선거제도가 사실은 친중국 인사들만 입후보할 수 있는 제도라는 지적이 일자 홍콩 시민들이 대규모 시위에 나섰다. 시민들은 후보를 선정하는 후보추천위원회을 직접 시민들이 선택하는 등 보다 민주적인 방식으로 선거제를 개편할 것을 주장하고 있다.

Pro-democracy protests expand in Hong Kong

[1] Pro-democracy protesters wearing surgical masks and holding up umbrellas to protect against tear gas expanded their rallies throughout Hong Kong on Monday, defying calls to disperse in a major pushback against Beijing’s decision to limit democratic reforms in the Asian financial hub.

*rally: 시위 (=demonstration, protest)
*disperse: 해산하다 (= disband/↔assemble)
*hub: 중심지 (=center)
*pushback: ~에 대한 저항

[2] Police officers tried to negotiate with protesters camped out on a normally busy highway near the Hong Kong government headquarters that was the scene of tear gas-fueled clashes that erupted the evening before.

*negotiate: 협상, 협상하다
*camp out: 야외에 일시적으로 거처를 마련하다
*clash: 충돌 (=confrontation, conflict 작은 충돌: skirmish)
*scene: 현장 (=site)
*fuel: 촉진하다 (=stimulate, prompt)

[3] China has called the protests illegal and endorsed the Hong Kong government’s crackdown.

*crackdown: 엄중히 단속하다, 탄압하다 (=clamp down)
*endorse: 후원하다, 지지하다 (=back, support)


2. ‘대리기사 폭행’ 세월호 유가족에 체포 영장 신청

기사요약: 경찰이 최근 행인 및 대리기사에 대한 폭행시비에 휘말린 세월호 유가족 대표 세 명을 상대로 구속영장을 요청했다. 이번 논란으로 인해 유가족들이 세월호 특별법 타협안을 수용하라는 압력을 받을 것이라는 전망이 나오고 있다.

Sewol families face arrest for driver assault

[1] Police on Monday asked the court to issue arrest warrants for three relatives of those killed in the April 16 Sewol ferry accident on charges of physically assaulting several passersby and a driver near a bar in western Seoul earlier this month.

*on charge of: ~한 혐의로
*physically assault: 폭행하다 (=attack, use violence against ~)

[2] At the time of the incident, the three were serving as the bereaved families’ representatives in ongoing talks over the special Sewol bill at the National Assembly.

*serve as (직위): ~로 재직하다
*bereaved: 사별한
*ongoing: 지속되는 (=continuing, continuous)
*talks: 회담, 협상(=discussion)

[3] They stepped down from their posts immediately after the incident/ but the investigative agency’s stern decision to take them into custody is expected to put political pressure on the families to agree to a compromise deal over the Sewol bill/as partisan battles over the bill have stalled the nation’s legislature, sparking immense public criticism.

*step down: 사임하다 (=resign)
*take into custody: (구금하다 arrest: 구속하다)
*stern: 엄중한 (=strict)
*expected to ~: ~할 것으로 예상되다(=will likely ~)
*partisan: 당파의
*immense: 심각한(=severe)
*spark: 유발하다 (=induce, prompt)


3. SM 엔터테인먼트, 제시카 탈퇴 공식화

기사요약: 국내 연예기획사 SM 엔터테인먼트가 소녀시대 멤버 제시카의 탈퇴를 공식 확인했다. 한류스타 소녀시대 멤버의 탈퇴 소식에 K-pop 팬들은 큰 충격을 받았다.  

SM confirms Jessica’s removal from Girls’ Generation

[1] Representatives from K-pop’s largest managing agency, SM Entertainment, have officially confirmed that popular K-pop starlet Jessica will no longer be a part of the formerly nine-member girl group Girls’ Generation, according to a statement from the agency on Tuesday.

*representative: 대표자, 대리인
*statement: 성명, 진술(=announcement 성명/testimony 진술)
*starlet: 촉망 받는 여배우 혹은 가수

[2] The announcement came about eight hours after Jessica revealed on her Weibo account that SM had unilaterally dismissed her from the group without “justifiable reason.”

*unilaterally: 일방적으로 (=without consent)
*dismiss: 보내다
*justifiable: 타당한

[3] The news sent shockwaves through the K-pop scene because it had been previously reported that all nine members of the group had renewed their contracts with SM to continue on as Girls’ Generation, after their seven-year contract expired in August.

*scene: (직종 나타낼 때) ~계 (= ~circles)
*continue on: 지속하다
*expire: ~의 기한이 만기하다(renew contract: 계약을 갱신하다, re-sign: 재계약하다, terminate contract: 계약을 파기하다)