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After series of gaffes, Clara swears off SNS

South Korean actress Clara announced Wednesday that she will no longer be posting comments on social networking services after her remarks became a target of fierce criticism.

“I’ve wrote too much about my personal feelings these days. I will stop posting on SNS and focus on acting from now on,” the 27-year-old actress said on her Twitter account.

Clara, who recently rose to stardom after years under the radar, found herself in hot water after netizens accused her off lying on television.

In one particular episode, she said on a local TV program that she didn’t like eating chicken and beer, and then later on another program contradicted herself by saying “I am a chicken and beer lover.”

On Tuesday, she tried to justify her comments via her Facebook page.

“I appeared on the program for fun. I wasn’t appearing on a documentary,” she said. “I was born in Switzerland, raised in the United States with British citizenship, so I don’t know much about Korean ways of thinking.”

Contrary to appeasing the public, her comments drew even more disdain.

Clara has closed her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Her agency Martinkyle announced on Wednesday that it would be managing her Facebook fan page.

Clara, whose real name Lee Seong-min, became an online overnight sensation after throwing a ceremonial first pitch in a professional baseball game dressed in form-fitting leggings in May. She is hailed as an up-and-coming star and sex symbol.

By Im Woo-jung, Intern reporter
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