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Hyundai Heavy worker donates W100m from 25 years of work

An ordinary worker recently donated 100 million won he had saved up over 25 years of working at his company to his less fortunate neighbors.

Park Woo-hyun, a 57-year-old technician who test runs large engines at Hyundai Heavy Industries, recently gave 50 million won each to the Ulsan branches of the Korean Red Cross and the Community Chest of Korea, his employer said Tuesday.
Park Woo-hyun of Hyundai Heavy Industries. (HHI)
Park Woo-hyun of Hyundai Heavy Industries. (HHI)

Born the eldest son of six to a poor farmer in Gokseong, South Jeolla Province, Park has never forgotten his gratitude to those neighbors who helped his family when he was young, officials said.

He came aboard Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, about 410 kilometers southeast of Seoul, in 1988 and has since set aside part of his salary every month. His wife, Cho Gil-ja, also saved a portion of her earnings from her part-time jobs at construction sites or markets.

“Without consideration and care from those around me, I would not have lived a happy life,” Park told local reporters. “I have nothing more to desire if my donation makes recipients happy for a while.”

His money will be used as he wishes: to support seniors living alone, the physically disabled and poor migrants in the Ulsan area and also for the charities to buy emergency relief goods.

He has volunteered for community services such as cleaning up the environment, giving goods to the underprivileged and repairing houses.

The veteran worker has made 1,152 suggestions on process improvement during his 25 years at Hyundai Heavy Industries. He was cited by the government as a leader of knowledge and information in December.

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