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Hana Daetoo to support vaccine institute

Hana Daetoo Securities announced Wednesday that it signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Vaccine Institute to support children’s healthcare in developing countries.

The securities company launched a new financial service called “Hana Daetoo Donation Service” to financially aid IVI’s research and development of vaccines.

According to the service plan, parts of the client’s product payment or commission fee are reserved for donation. For every 1,000 won that the client donates, the company gives an additional 1,000 won to the vaccine organization, Hana Daetoo said.

Clients who use the donation service can benefit from the year-end tax returns, the company said.

“With the donation partnership with IVI, we are eager to participate in supplying vaccines to the children of developing countries,” a Hana Daetoo official said. “The company is willing to expand the range of corporate social responsibility activities with more nonprofit organizations.”

Clients can register for the donation service as they open their accounts at the company. IVI is a U.N. agency headquartered in Seoul.

By Chung Joo-won (