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‘Inventive’ attractions in store for Expo visitors

As the Yeosu Expo kicks off this weekend, foreign delegations, tourists or even local visitors may wonder what they should see.

Wonder no further.

As the Expo organizing committee has said numerous times, just relax and let the hundreds of guides and officials take you to attractions and pavilions where you can learn about the present and future industry and technology of marine and green science.

If you are still concerned, perhaps some of these suggestions can help ease the burden.
The Energy Park at the Expo site
The Energy Park at the Expo site

First, the Expo has an Energy Park that claims to showcase everything related to eco-friendly energy.

People will be able to see the latest technology in environmentally friendly power generation, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and other renewable energy sources such as wind power.

The park will let visitors test for themselves how green energy can be produced through such infrastructure, the committee said.

If visitors find it difficult to endure the heat and the crowds, the committee recommends taking a free electric bus to see the coastal view of Yeosu, one of the highlights of the Expo themed “The Living Ocean and Coast.”

Perhaps the second-most lauded attraction is the Ocean & Coast Best Practice Area developed by a consortium of Sigong Tech and Donga Science.

The OCBPA will feature next-generation marine technology and products, and visitors can see the latest achievements toward man existing in harmony with the ocean, the committee said.

It added that the purpose of the OCBPA is to show visitors of how new wonders in marine science can be achieved through partnerships between the science and business communities.

Kang Hyun-joo, director of the OCBPA, said, “The OCBPA is a unique exhibition focusing not on hardware but on software incorporated from various academic conferences and events.”

After people have strolled around the corporate pavilions of LG, POSCO and SK Telecom, coastal areas or the OCBPA and crave entertainment, they can try the Expo Digital Gallery, which emulates the screen display in Las Vegas.

The EDG, measuring 218 by 31 meters, will feature marine content on an LED display, the committee noted.

In addition, there is the Sky Tower, whose architecture resembles a giant pipe organ, where visitors can learn about the process of desalination, which turns seawater into freshwater.

The Aqua Planet, a four-story dome equipped with a 6,000-ton main tank, could also be a nice place to relax and see 33,000 marine animals from 280 species, including endangered animals such as beluga whales, Baikal seals and sea dragons.

Last but not least, the offshore Theme Pavilion is not to be missed as this is the Expo’s main venue with a moving facade. It will also showcase various media arts.

By Park Hyong-ki (