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New method for accurate weather forecasts

A new system, or “scenario,” for accurate weather forecasts has been developed, as climate change continues to cause irregular weather patterns here, the state’s weather agency said Monday.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the new scenario will help better prepare preemptive measure for storms as it has a resolution 100 times that of the previous method.

The new scenario divides the entire country into one-square kilometer segments and will be able to predict the temperature and precipitation of up to 2,100. In Korea the previously most accurate system measured the country in 10-square kilometer sections. The world’s average forecasting uses 135-square kilometer segments.

The system uses a compilation of the altitude, steepness and direction of peaks in the area to forecast the areas’ highs, lows and average temperatures, as well as precipitation.

Local governments, even at district level, will be able to use the data to identify weaknesses in their infrastructure and the weather’s effects.

The new scenario took into consideration the highest green house gas emissions trajectory adopted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Earlier in the month, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon joined the World Mayors Council on Climate Change, a group of local government leaders committed to fighting climate change.

Park believes that the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s entry into the group will encourage local governments to take up the cause.

“Entry into the World Mayors Council is expected to add fuel for Seoul to hold the East Asia district office for the Local Governments for Sustainability,” said one capital official.

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