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Seoul dismisses Japan’s request to call off Dokdo concert

The Foreign Ministry on Wednesday dismissed Japan’s recent request to cancel a scheduled concert on South Korea’s easternmost islets of Dokdo, saying it was “needless” to even consider the request.

The Japanese request came as a group of South Korean lawmakers are planning to stage a concert Friday on Dokdo, a source of frequent tension between Seoul and Tokyo as the latter continues to lay claim to the islets.

“It’s true a complaint has been filed by Japan over the planned concert on Dokdo,” a foreign ministry official said, asking not to be identified.

“However, we simply cannot accept the fact that Japan would raise complaints about a concert that will be held on Dokdo, which is historically, geographically and legally our country’s territory,” he added. “It is just needless to react.”

South Korea reclaimed sovereignty over its territory, including Dokdo, in 1945 when Japan’s 36-year colonial rule of Korea ended.

Seoul has stationed a small police detachment on the islets since 1954. (Yonhap News)
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