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On the Jeju base...

I’m not Korean nor have I even been to Jeju, but I have seen many pictures of Jeju Island, read about it and dream to go there one day. I voted for it for the 7 Wonders of the World. I watched 1N2D go there and I was there in spirit with them as they showed me the wonders of Jeju Island. The culture, the people, the beauty, like stepping back to a time when the world was at peace. Why make it a place that houses things of conflict and war? There is enough ruin of the earth that can’t be cleaned up by the men who have ruined it already, why take this Island and do to it what has happened to other Islands before it that have military bases on it? I hope to come see Jeju in person one day, but if a naval or any other base is placed there, what will there be to see for me? The waters, the land, the culture, the fishing, the peace of the animals and the lives of those who live there will be drastically altered if such a change is allowed to be on the Island. It will no longer be a place of a dream to go to see the wonders of S. Korea. It will no longer be a place of peace for those who live there. The land will be ruined; no economic growth will be able to bring back what was lost. Jeju is one of the Wonders of the World for South Korea, a place that many dream of going to because of it’s beauty and culture and history.

Though I have no right to speak, maybe I will never be able to go there in person, my hopes are that it stays as it is for those who dream of such a place in a world that has already lost so many wonders because of changes that were done due to the thoughts of others that did not consider what the future of the decision they make would do to the land, the animals, the people, the culture, the history.

― Kitty Arnett, Florida, U.S., via Facebook

The main reason some people disagree with the Jeju Island naval base is because they are afraid that it would irritate China which could lead to bad a relationship with them in the future. This is a flunky action. Is Korea a slave of China? Why should a great land such as Korea put the hegemons such as China or America before its own security? Does the building of a naval base on Jeju Island mean an increase in protection? Yes. The government has the right to protect its citizens and national security. Also, by building this base, we can actually rely less on help from the U.S. Furthermore, by actually taking real action such as this, we can pressure countries around Korea such as Japan or North Korea. When North Korea attacked the South, the South basically did nothing. However, building bases in Jeju can show the North that the South is getting stronger so that the North should be afraid. Not only that, but Japan will be worried since there will be Korean naval forces even closer to them. This means Japan would be less likley to claim Dokdo as its land or reach out to the East Sea for its own benefit. Our level of international dealing can rise and with this naval force, Korea will be surprised about many agreements they can win over. Now, some people do worry about the environment. The government, however, is replenishing endangered animals and is trying its best to protect them. It is true that the entire environment cannot be protected. But, we as citizens have to keep in mind that this naval base built on Jeju Island will increase the national security level, raise Korean pride and our status in the international society. This is why a naval base on Jeju is necessary.

― Yuh Yun-sung, Daegu, via Facebook

I don’t understand why South Korea needs another naval base. In my opinion, the current conventional weapons are enough to protect it. Also, military power alone is not the key factor to control North Korea and other countries. It is not a lethal weapon for war that will reunify both Koreas. In addition, I doubt that South Korea needs it at the expense of the parts of the most beautiful and valuable tourist attraction, Jeju island. Of course, l know there is a political relation with the U.S. However, most of the people are likely to want the government to look for other ways.

― Kim Hyoung-gu, Seoul, via Facebook
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