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Man found hanged in airplane toilet

A Korean man was found dead in an apparent suicide in an airplane lavatory on an international flight operated by an unidentified domestic air carrier, police said Tuesday.

The 43-year-old man, identified only by his surname Yang, an employee of a private company, apparently hanged himself aboard the flight departing from the Chinese city of Guangzhou for Incheon International Airport on late Monday, according to police.

"I first found him dead in the lavatory while checking passengers before landing," a flight attendant of the carrier said.

"He hanged himself with a belt tied on the hanger in the lavatory."

Police said Yang presumably committed suicide as no definitive signs of murder were detected at the scene, though no suicide note was found.

An investigation into the exact cause of death is under way, they added.



회사원 비행기 화장실서 목매 숨져

지난 8일 오후 4시40분께 국내 모 항공사 광저우발 인천행 비행기 화장실에서 회사원 양모(43)씨가 숨져있는 것을 승무원 박모 씨가 발견해 경찰에 신고했다.

박씨는 "착륙 전 승객들을 점검하다 보니 양씨가 자리에 없고 화장실 문이 잠겨 있었다"며 "문을 열고 들어갔을 때 양씨가 허리띠로 화장실 옷걸이에 목을 맨 채 숨 져 있었다"고 말했다.

경찰은 양씨가 스스로 목숨을 끊은 것으로 보고 정확한 경위를 조사하고 있다.

경찰에 따르면 양씨의 유서는 발견되지 않았다.


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