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E-2 visa holders to be ...allowed to teach at firms

The government plans to ease visa rules to allow English teachers at private institutes to give lectures at private companies starting in December, a presidential council said Tuesday.

Foreign nationals holding E-2 visas granted to those who come to Korea to teach languages at private institutes will be able to teach at both private and state-run firms starting in December, said a committee co-organized by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and the Presidential Council for National Competitiveness, dedicated to regulatory reforms, in a report submitted to the council Tuesday.

So far job restrictions for E-2 visa holders have been relatively strict. They were only permitted to teach languages at middle and high schools, colleges and private education institutes, and organizations which have their own training center.

The list of 130 announcements the committee reported to the council included easing restriction on which floors of a building child care facilities could be established.

Such facilities, which currently can only be built on the first, second and third floors of a building, will be allowed to be built on any floor from now on, providing they are equipped with appropriate safety facilities.

By Koh Young-aah (
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