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Another weekend hit for KBS?


Published : March 30, 2010 - 13:32

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After three consecutive successes with the weekend dramas "Mom is That Upset," "My Precious You" and "My Too Perfect Sons," KBS looks set to continue its winning streak with its latest weekend installment: "Three Brothers."
Slated to air tomorrow night, "Three Brothers" is the latest work by hit scriptwriter Moon Young-nam. The candid writer behind successful dramas like SBS` "The First Wives Club," KBS` "Famous Princesses" and the late Choi Jin-sil`s "War of Roses," Moon delved into the harsh realities and comedies of married life with a degree of verve and wit that kept audiences wanting more.
Her latest endeavor promises to continue to explore the institute of marriage in the same candid manner that made her previous works a pleasure to watch.
Judging from the official website`s teaser, "Three Brothers" seems to exhibit a distinctly comedic flair, one that hints at a dramedy rather than a melodrama.
"My character may incite a great deal of laughter," said "Three Brothers" actor Ahn Nae-sang at a press conference on Monday.
Cast as the eldest son of a police sergeant, the 45-year old veteran actor also praised Moon`s work: "The greatest strength lies in the script`s level of execution."
Despite a strong script, concerns regarding the casting of four actors from "The First Wives Club" and potential similarities with predecessor "My Too Perfect Sons" came up at Monday`s press conference.
"The drama is not similar (to `My Too Perfect Sons`) just because it is about three brothers," said "Three Brothers" director Jin Hyung-wook.
While sons take center stage in both dramas, the similarities appear to end there. "My Too Perfect Sons" charted four bachelors` quest for love. "Three Brothers" explores the institute of marriage in its varied mutations: from the second marriage of the eldest son to the second son`s less-than-perfect marital life to the youngest son`s experiences as a newlywed.
In response to concerns regarding the casting of "The First Wives Club" actors Ahn Nae-sang, Oh Dae-gyu, Kim Hee-jung and Lee Jun-hyuk, actor Ahn Nae-sang stressed the pros of working with fellow "The First Wives Club" co-stars in "Three Brothers," saying that it promotes teamwork.
Actress Kim Hee-jung, who will be playing a self-sacrificing housewife, described her character in "Three Brothers" as "a woman who lived without a life of her own."
Actors Oh Dae-gyu and Lee Jun-hyuk will be playing the second and youngest sons of the household, respectively.
"Lee`s character is very cool," said co-star Ahn, hinting that Lee will be taking on a major role in the series.
"General Hospital 2" actress Do Ji-won plays the eldest son`s second wife. Actress Oh Ji-eun plays the youngest son`s bride-to-be.
"Three Brothers" airs tomorrow night on KBS 2 TV at 7:55 p.m.

By Jean Oh