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National fine dust info center opens

A national fine dust information center opened Thursday as part of government efforts to more systematically and comprehensively manage data related to particulate pollution. 
(Ministry of Environment)
(Ministry of Environment)

Set up under the Ministry of Environment, then National Fine Dust Information Center is tasked with analyzing, gathering and managing data on the causes and sources of particulate pollution, amount of emissions from different sources and the impact of the government’s anti-fine dust policies. 

The establishment of the center came after a revision to the Special Act on the Reduction and Management of Fine Dust went into effect in February at the height of public concerns over high levels of toxic particulate pollution. 

The center aims to help the ministry and fine dust-related agencies such as the National Council on Climate and Air Quality draw up and implement policies more effectively by providing credible and accurate information.

The center, composed of 58 people including 19 government officials and 39 experts, has two teams in charge of collecting data on the amount of emissions and assisting fine dust-related policy-making process.

This year, the government laid out a set of measures -- including emergency reduction measures and a seasonal fine dust management system -- to combat fine dust that typically blankets Korea autumn through spring. The measures include a ban on older diesel cars from some streets and suspending the operation of several coal-fired power plants.

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