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Railway strike continues for 5th day without major disruptions

Train services across South Korea dwindled to about half of normal levels on Sunday as unionized railway workers continued their labor strike for the fifth consecutive day.

KTX bullet trains were running at 68.9 percent of the usual level as of Sunday, while the Saemaeul and Mugunghwa lines were operating at 58.3 percent and 62.5 percent of normal levels, respectively, according to Korea Railroad Corp. 


Cargo services were running at 31 percent of the general operative level, according to the state railway operator.

Around 11,500 members of the 21,000-strong union are taking part in the labor strike, demanding additional employment and wage hikes, according to the labor union.

The strike began Wednesday, with no set deadline.

No major traffic disruptions were reported as the strike entered its fifth day, however, as passengers substituted train rides with express buses or other vehicles.

"This Sunday morning, it's more crowded than usual, but fewer people came (to take trains) as the railway strike has hit the news media frequently," a rail worker said. (Yonhap)

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