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Sales of air fryers soar, beat sales of microwaves, ovens

Air fryers have been taking off in South Korea, beating sales of microwaves and electric ovens last year, industry data showed Thursday.

According to online marketplace Auction, sales of air fryers on its website last year made up 38 percent of the kitchen appliances category, which includes microwaves, electric ovens and electric grills. Sales of air fryers made up around 2 percent of the category in 2014. 

Over the same period, the proportion of sales made up of microwaves, electric ovens and electric grills on the website fell 14 percent, 13 percent and 9 percent, respectively. 

The company said the amount of sales of air fryers had risen 4,309 percent in five years.


Air fryers have grown popular here, as the appliance is touted as being able to produce crispy food without oil and grease, offering a healthier alternative to deep frying.

By Kim Da-sol (