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Korea to ban poultry farms in AI-prone areas

South Korea will prohibit poultry breeding in areas vulnerable to avian influenza to prevent outbreaks of the highly contagious animal disease, the government said Wednesday.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said it will apply strengthened qualifications for stockbreeders under revised regulations, which ban new chicken and duck farms in areas deemed prone to bird flu outbreaks.


The new rule also prohibits additional poultry farms within a radius of 500 meters from existing chicken and duck farms.

If a contagious animal disease breaks out due to a violation of the livestock regulations, farms will be deprived of their livestock breeding license, the ministry said.

The tougher quarantine measure comes as local farms have been hit hard by a series of bird flu outbreaks in recent years, which led to massive culling of chickens and ducks. (Yonhap)