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Seoul showcases strategic weapons targeting NK

South Korea’s military on Thursday unveiled a package of advanced missile systems capable of targeting North Korea, demonstrating its capability to defend against the regime’s persistent nuclear and missile threats.

During Armed Forces Day held at the Navy’s 2nd Fleet Command in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, President Moon Jae-in conducted an inspection of troops and strategic weapons from the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Among them were Hyunmoo-class surface-to-surface ballistic missiles, including the Hyunmoo II-C, which can travel about 800 kilometers and reach almost all parts of North Korea. It was the first time that the missile was revealed to the public. 

South Korea`s military unveils Hyunmoo II-C ballistic missile. Yonhap
South Korea`s military unveils Hyunmoo II-C ballistic missile. Yonhap

Scheduled to be fielded on the front line soon, the Hyunmoo II-C has proved its capability through a series of test-launches. President Moon oversaw the missile test in June, which came as a show of force against the North’s missile provocations.

Alongside the 300-kilometer-range Hyunmoo II-A and 500-kilometer-range Hyunmoo II-B, the Hyunmoo II-C is expected to boost South Korea’s pre-emptive strike capability against North Korea by putting most of its territory within its range.

In addition, the military unveiled another key asset to enhance Seoul’s missile deterrence against the North: the air-to-ground Taurus missile. Earlier this month, the Air Force conducted its first live-fire exercise of the missile.

Boasting a maximum range of 500 kilometers, the Taurus is equipped with stealth technology and GPS, allowing the missile to strike a long-distance target precisely without being disturbed by North Korea’s radar system and jamming attacks.

Also shown during the event were the ground-to-ground Army Tactical Missile System, the Hyungung anti-tank guided weapon, Patriot PAC-II air defense missiles, M-SAM surface-to-air missiles and the SLAM-ER air-to-ground missile.

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