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Samsung's QLED TVs win positive review by US industry trackers

Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday its QLED TVs won positive reviews from US industry trackers as it pushes to promote the cutting edge technology.

Samsung Electronics said US-based DisplayMate and Forbes praised its QLED TVs for delivering satisfactory all-round performance.

The QLED TVs make use of so-called quantum-dot technology, which are semiconductor nanocrystals that Samsung says improve display brightness, contrast and power efficiency. The feature compares well to the OLED TVs promoted by LG Electronics Inc., as they still require backlighting.

"All displays from TVs to Smartphones deliver their best picture quality and their most accurate colors in the dark. But almost no one watches their TV or any other display in complete darkness," DisplayMate pointed out.

"The Samsung 65Q9 QLED TV delivers the best TV display performance in real world ambient light viewing conditions, which includes all other existing LCD and OLED technologies," it added.

Samsung said US business magazine Forbes also praised its ongoing efforts to improve the QLED technology to deliver better resolutions.

"The key point about Quantum Dots is that they're able to produce more heavily saturated and precisely defined primary colors from blue LEDs than you can get from the relatively broad and thus imprecise light spectrum associated with white LEDs," Forbes said. It added that QLED displays do not suffer from "burn-ins" and have an excellent high dynamic range that allows viewers to see more details on the display. (Yonhap)
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