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Man tracks down, kills female waxing specialist featured in YouTube video

Prosecutors have indicted a 31-year old male suspect on charges of murdering the owner of a waxing shop.

According to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, the man surnamed Bae is suspected of robbing, attempting to rape and murdering the woman.

Bae, who had credit card debt worth 6 million won ($5,300), was looking for a target when he came across the waxing specialist in a YouTube video. He found out that she operated a waxing shop on her own in a quiet residential area, identifying her as an easy target.

On July 5, Bae reportedly visited the victim at her shop, posing as a customer. After receiving waxing treatment, Bae threatened her with a weapon, demanded money and fatally stabbed her multiple times. He also bound her in an attempt to rape her. 

Bae was caught by police after a friend of the victim reported the alleged murder the next morning.


By Kim Min-joo/ Intern reporter (