Seo In-guk back in summer rom-com

By Korea Herald

‘Reply 1997’ star out to win fans over again

  • Published : Jun 11, 2014 - 20:09
  • Updated : Jun 11, 2014 - 20:16

“Superstar K” winner Seo In-guk has come a long way from when he first won audiences over in 2009, emerging from relative obscurity to instant fame.

Instead of letting the bloom fade from that initial success, Seo went on to cement his status as a bona fide actor in both television dramas and films, starring in tvN’s hit series “Reply 1997,” three years after he won the first season of Mnet’s music competition.

Seo then followed it up with roles as a bodyguard in SBS’ “Master’s Sun” and as a talented swimmer in the upbeat film “No Breathing.”

After releasing a single titled “BOMTANABA” last month, Seo is ready to take yet another lead in the upcoming office comedy “High School King of Savvy.” 
Stars of tvN’s “High School King of Savvy” actress Lee Ha-na (left) and singer-actor Seo In-guk attend the drama’s press conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday. (Park Hae-mook/The Korea Herald)

Of his latest work, Seo said at the drama’s press conference in Seoul on Wednesday, “I am honored to be starring in a drama that has so many fun episodes.”

Seo went on to describe “High School King of Savvy” as a “laugh-inducing series” with a “love story.”

Judging from the highlight reel that ran at the press event, “High School King of Savvy” promises to be a largely comic, lighthearted rom-com, ideal for viewers looking for some not-too-serious entertainment.

It was that element of fun that drew Seo to “High School King of Savvy,” he revealed, adding that “I felt that if I missed out on playing this utterly charming character, I would regret it.”

“There was no reason not to play this role,” he said, describing his character as “multifaceted.”

In the upcoming series, the 26-year old star will be doing double duty as a high school hockey player who has to fill in for his absent, much older brother at the office.

As Seo’s teen hero Lee Min-suk struggles with life in the workplace, an unexpected romance promises to blossom between Lee and coworker Jung Soo-young, who will be played by “Triple” actress Lee Ha-na.

Of the decision to cast Seo as the lead, director Yoo Je-won stated that his previous work as a security guard in “Master’s Sun” and as a high school student in “Reply 1997” played an influential part in the decision to bring Seo on board as a high school student masquerading as an office worker.

Seo, however, asserted that there is little in common between his “Reply 1997” hero and his role in “High School King of Savvy.”

“This is a very different character,” Seo said, explaining how his previous character was a studious, quiet student, while his latest character is not into studying in the least. “So I think audiences can look forward to it.”

“High School King of Savvy” starts airing June 16 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 p.m. on tvN with Seo In-guk, Lee Ha-na, Lee Soo-hyuk and Lee Yul-eum starring in the upcoming series.

By Jean Oh (oh_jean@heraldcorp.com)