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Webtoon spooks movie audiences

A growing number of Korean films are borrowing storylines from webtoons -- and “Killer Toon” is bringing the simple webtoon-based movie genre to a new level. 

The film, directed by Kim Yong-geun, takes a webtoon itself as the key motif. 
In the movie, Jiyoon, a horror webtoon artist played by Lee Si-young, submits her manuscript to an editor, barely meeting the deadline. What‘s scary is that Jiyoon’s episodes involve the editor‘s private. Then, a murder takes place. 

Detective Kicheol, played by Eom Ki-joon, sets out to solve the murders seemingly copying the crime scenes depicted in Jiyoon’s webtoon series.

“The tension of the closely knitted storyline will even lure those who do not enjoy watching horror movies at all,” said director Kim Yong-geun, during its first premiere on June 17. “We also adapted high-end techniques to render the scenes into the closest imitation of the cartoon drawings.”

”Killer Toon“ is scheduled to hit local theaters on June 27.

Jin Eun-soo, Intern reporter