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[팟캐스트] (530) 길거리에 쓰레기 통이 늘어난다고? / 지하철 파업 현실화

By Choi Jeong-yoon

Published : Oct. 19, 2023 - 10:08

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진행자: 최정윤, Naomi Ng

1. Seoul to add more public trash cans by 2025

기사 요약: 길거리의 쓰레기통이 부족하다는 불만이 지속적으로 제기되자 서울시에선 2,500여 가량의 쓰레기통 추가 설치 계획을 발표.

[1] The city of Seoul said Thursday that it will add over 2,500 new trash bins on the streets by 2025. The difficulty in disposing of trash in public spaces has been among the most common complaints from foreign visitors to the capital, as well as residents. Across Seoul, a city of some 10 million residents, there are currently fewer than 5,000 trash cans.

*dispose: -of somebody/something 없애다, 처리하다 (throw away/throw out/dump)

[2] Public trash cans disappeared en masse from the streets of Seoul and elsewhere across the country following the 1995 introduction of a pay-as-you-throw-away system, in which individuals are required to purchase standard garbage bags for the disposal of household waste. This led to a reduction in the number of public trash cans on the streets, discouraging people from using them to avoid paying the price of their waste.

*en masse: 집단으로

[3] But a 2021 survey conducted by the city government revealed that over 70 percent of respondents perceived Seoul as having a shortage of accessible street trash cans. City officials said the planned installation of new trash bins will target areas with high foot traffic, such as Gwanghwamun Gate and Yeouido, as well as around bus stops where trash tends to overflow due to restrictions on bringing beverages onto the buses.

*high foot traffic: 유동 인구 규모

*overflow: 넘치다, 넘침/ (overspill, pile up)


2. Seoul subway workers vote for strike plan

기사 요약: 서울 교통공사노동조합이 합법적으로 파업 등 쟁의 행위를 할 수 있는 쟁의권을 확보하면서 서울 지하철 파업의 현실화 예고

[1] The possibility of a strike became reality, as a majority of Seoul Metro union members voted for a strike plan to counter staff cuts, the collective negotiation team announced Monday. As Seoul Metro operates Seoul Subway Line Nos. 1 to 8 and a portion of Line No. 9, tensions are rising over the possible inconvenience to commuters.

*counter: 대응하다 (respond to, potest/oppose/hit back at)

[2] The collective negotiation team -- comprising representatives of the Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union under the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Korean Public Trade Unions under the Federation of Korean Trade Unions – said that 73.4 percent of the workers approved the strike plan. The vote took place from Thursday to Monday.

*approve: 찬성하다, 승인하다 (agreed to/supported/endorsed)

*take place:발생하다 (happen/occur)

[3] Seoul Metro and the collective negotiation team had conducted 10 rounds of negotiations since the initial round on July 11, but all discussions eventually collapsed. The negotiation team applied for mediation with the Seoul National Labor Relations Commission on Oct. 4. The commission is to hold a mediation meeting Tuesday and suggest a compromise for both parties.

*collapse: 붕괴되다, 무너지다/ 쓰러지다

*mediation:조정, 중재


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