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Record high of nearly 3m cars recalled in S. Korea last year: ministry

A record high of nearly 3 million vehicles were recalled in South Korea last year for the replacement of faulty parts and other repairs, government data showed Sunday.

According to the data provided by the land ministry, around 2.93 million cars of a total of 2,443 models -- both foreign and domestic -- were recalled in 2021, the largest annual number ever since the recall system was first introduced in 2003.

Of the total, some 1.76 million units of 71 domestic models were recalled, with the remainder coming from foreign cars, the data showed.

Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea's largest carmaker, accounted for the largest portion of about 937,000 vehicles, followed by its sister company Kia Motors Corp. with some 602,000 cars.

Of foreign carmakers, BMW came first with 565,000 cars recalled last year, trailed by Mercedes-Benz with about 352,000 units.

Industry watchers attributed the rising recalled vehicles to the fast pace by which newly developed electronic technologies are introduced in making cars, raising the possibility of technical glitches.

Consumers' increased safety consciousness has also played a part in increasing the overall recall number, they added. (Yonhap)
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