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[Video] ‘Yut Nori’ a time-honored game for Lunar New Year’s holiday

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Feb. 11, 2021 - 10:30

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Millions of people in South Korea are set to drive for hours to reunite with their families and relatives for one of the country’s biggest celebrations: Seollal.

Ceremonies and rituals are traditionally held during the big holiday to pay respect to ancestors. People usually bow to an altar table with fruits, liquor, fish and meat, wishing for prosperity and health. The Lunar New Year falls on Feb. 12 of the Gregorian calendar this year, and the holiday starts Thursday and runs through Sunday.

The time of togetherness and bonding features several traditions to enjoy at home, including Jegichagi, a Korean hacky sack game, and Neolttwigi, a standing see-saw game. Chief among the local customs is Yut Nori.

The classic game is played with four wooden sticks that are flat on one side and rounded on the other, a white game board and round tokens for each team. The point of the game is to return them to the starting line as quickly as possible before the other team beats you. Playing with family members after a grand feast makes the night more gratifying.

Despite the drop in infection cases, the number of people visiting their hometowns is likely to be small as the virus persists. Please check out the video if you wish to enjoy local traditions during the New Year while being cooped up at home.

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