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Fear of hidden cameras spreads on campuses amid leaks

Leaks of private photos and videos on South Korea’s college campuses are fueling fears of hidden cameras.

A female model who leaked photos of a male model posing nude for a drawing class at Hongik University in Seoul was arrested Saturday. She took photos of the man without his knowledge and posted the images on an online community on May 1, sparking nationwide controversy.

Another case went viral Friday after a Korea Aerospace University student “mistakenly” uploaded a sex video to a Kakao Talk group chat room that consisted of 276 students majoring in aviation operations. 


The 21-second video showed the faces of the man and woman, sparking further controversy, as the woman appeared not to have consented to film the scene.

The number of digital sex crimes has been on the rise in South Korea. According to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, the number of digital sex crimes increased threefold from 1,523 in 2011 to 5,185 in 2016.

The number of reports filed to the Korea Communications Standards Commission, requesting the removal of spycam videos and the like, was 7,235 in 2016 alone.

Considering that victims of digital sex crimes are often unaware that they have been victimized, authorities say that the actual number of digital sex crimes might be much higher.

By Cho Yun-myung (