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Woman arrested for theft, drugging man with sleeping pills

Gwangju Western Police Station has apprehended a suspect who allegedly used sleeping pills to steal the belongings of her victim.

A woman surnamed Lee is suspected of lacing the victim’s coffee with sleeping pills and robbing him at a motel in Gwangju on Sept. 27 last year.

After the victim lost consciousness, the suspect reportedly took the victim’s wallet containing credit cards and 50,000 won ($47) in cash. The suspect then bought a gold necklace worth 2.5 million won with one of the credit cards and later sold it.

sleeping pills(Yonhap)
sleeping pills(Yonhap)

When she was in a hospital for two weeks due to a bone fracture in August 2017, she reportedly asked for medication for insomnia and received it six times.

The suspect booked a motel room next to the victim, a construction worker resting during rain, and invited him over for a cup of coffee.

Police confiscated her tea cups and sent them to the National Forensic Service for analysis.

Lee was arrested after the NFS detected a great quantity of chemicals related to sleeping pills. Unauthorized use of the victim’s credit card had also been found.

Police are to seek an arrest warrant for the suspect.

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