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‘Korea’s abortion ban hampers women’s rights’

The New York Times has shed light on South Korea’s highly restrictive abortion law.

The New York Times said in an article published Saturday, titled “Push to end South Korea abortion ban gains strength, and signatures,” that Korea “is one of just a handful of the world’s richest countries to have such restrictive abortion laws.”

Cho Kuk on online petition to legalize abortion(Yonhap)
Cho Kuk on online petition to legalize abortion(Yonhap)

Opponents of the law say it is ineffective and makes the procedure only more expensive and dangerous. They also espoused the rights of women to make choices about their own bodies.

Supporters of the ban argued the number of abortions must be reduced, given the mental and physical damage women suffer from the procedure.

Meanwhile, the Moon Jae-in administration has said it hopes to find a new balance on the matter and announced a plan to resume research on the abortion ban, which had been stopped for eight years.

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