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Korea donates 30 million won to Mexico’s earthquake recovery

Korea’s National Assembly donated 30 million won ($27,400) to Mexico to help reconstruct the areas struck by two earthquakes in September.

National Assembly President Chung Sye-kyun announced the donation in a letter to Mexican Ambassador to Korea Bruno Figueroa at the parliament in Seoul on Thursday. The letter conveyed the “solidarity and affection of Korean people to Mexicans,” as well as his wish for a prompt recovery of the affected areas, according to the embassy.

Figueroa expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Mexican people and government, noting this “invaluable gesture of solidarity from Korea is proof of the solid fraternity and cooperation between our two countries.”

Kim Yun-hoe, vice president of the Korean Red Cross, said the money -- adding to the total contribution of over $1 million by the government, companies, educational institutions and Mexican community here -- will be channeled through the Mexican Red Cross.

Mexico suffered two major earthquakes on Sept. 7, which killed 102 people and displaced thousands in the southwest, and on Sept. 19, which killed 360 and caused great property damages in the country’s center.

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